2 hours – Visit the Gorges and have extra time to relax.

2 hours – Visit the Gorges and have extra time to relax.

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1 to 12 people


- 2 hours – Green Area n°1 + Yellow Area n°2
1 - ONE SEATER KAYAK 20€ * must be at least 12 years old
1 - TWO SEATER KAYAK 25€ * 2 adults
1 - THREE SEATER KAYAK 30€ * 1 adult + 2 children or 2 adults + 1 child
1 - THREE SEATER CANOE 30€ * 3 adults (max 230kg)
1 - FOUR SEATER CANOE 30€ * 2 adults and 2 children (max 230kg)


 Verdon Canoe rents out Canoes/Kayaks so you can get to the Gorges du Verdon from the Lac de Sainte-Croix and visit the two last kilometers of the Grand Canyon. It's an easy Return Trip in calm waters that everyone is capable of doing . This is the Green Zone 1 (Map below)

Participants can also go paddling on the lake to explore its calm shores, enjoy a swim in the fresh waters and sunbathe (*). This is Yellow Zone 2  (Map below)

After about two  kilometers of Canyon, buoys and signs mark the end of the outward trip and are the point where you must turn back so the site's biodiversity can be protected. Please respect this biodiversity.

 The 2-hour trip allows you to paddle through Green Zone 1 and Yellow Zone 2 (see map below). This is the Visit the Gorges and have extra time to relax trip.

 (*) you are free to swim outside of the monitored bathing areas (July/August) at your own risk.

- The trip: 

The 1½-hour trip allows you to : paddle in Green Zone 1

===> you visit the Gorges then return.

- The 2-hour trip allows you to : paddle in Green Zone 1 + Yellow Zone 2

===> you visit the Gorges and the beginning of the Lake then return.

The No-Entry sign on the map shows the limit you can paddle to imposed by a Prefectorial Order on biodiversity conservation. This is the end of the Canyon trip. Thank you for your cooperation.

How it works

You embark at the Plage du Galetas, 83630 AIGUINES with the equipment you booked, at the scheduled time. Once on the water, you are independent and free to decide whether or not you follow the recommended itinerary(ies).

To visit the Gorges, you have to paddle along the Lake for a few minutes, then go under the Galetas bridge and explore the last kilometre of the Grand Canyon. (Green Zone 1)

The 2-Hour Activity (Green Zone 1 + Yellow Zone 2) allows you to cover the one and a half kilometres in about 45 minutes up to the limit you can paddle to (as for the 1½ hour activity). You then have 45 minutes to do the Return trip + 30 minutes to enjoy some extra time in the Canyon or paddle around Yellow Zone 2 to explore the Lake and its shores that are great for enjoying a freshwater swim or sunbathing.

You then go back at a moderate pace and take the equipment back to the departure point on time.

Total distance covered in 2 hours: approximately 7 km (2 km of which is in the Canyon).


1. The Canoes/Kayaks booked.

2. A buoyancy-aid jacket and paddle, appropriate to the weight and size of each participant.

3. A waterproof container of about 45 litres per canoe/kayak.

Good to know

- Persons renting Canoes/Kayaks should arrive at the agreed time and place, with their ID.

- It is sunnier in the Gorges in the mornings and early afternoons.

- Green Zone 1 is highly popular with tourists so bear in mind that a lot of people visit in the summer

- You will be paddling in a natural, fragile and protected area so please respect the environment:

- On windy days, you may not be allowed to access the Gorges for safety reasons.

 **Please note that there is no return shuttle service because this is not a downstream river trip.**

You can also rent a Canoe/Kayak without booking, 7 days a week, directly at our rental site with ID. You can pay by cash or Bank Card. The prices charged at the rental site are the same as those on the website.

Please be aware: if you book online, keeping to the meeting point, the precise time of departure and the right number of participants signed up is essential to you being able to do your activity without any inconveniences. Please comply with these instructions to avoid any modifications or cancellation (see General Terms and Conditions of Sale).

Useful information to know before booking online or renting on site:

 - All participants must always wear the buoyancy-aid jackets provided when they start the activity.

 - All participants must feel comfortable in water, be able to swim 25 m and go under water.

 - Children are accepted under certain conditions if they weigh 10 kg or more:

    They must be placed under the constant supervision and responsibility of an competent adult and the weather at the start of the activity or forecast must not present any risks (wind, storms).

 - It is highly advised you wear closed shoes or water shoes to get out of the canoe/kayak.

 - Wearing clothing appropriate to the activity is required, e.g. swimsuit or shorts, close-fitting clothes.

 - A maximum of 3 adults per canoe/kayak for a maximum load of 230 kg.

 - A maximum of 2 adults + 2 children per canoe/kayak for a maximum load of 230 kg.

 - Dogs are accepted (if in doubt, and for further information, please contact us by e-mail)

 - Participants must not have any medical contraindications that make it inadvisable to do this activity.

 - Those who have booked online must arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

It is highly recommended that you read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale before booking.

Meeting place

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