Canoe Kayak Activity 3 Hours

Canoe Kayak Activity 3 Hours

Visitez le Grand Canyon et découverte du Lac

1 to 12 people


Activity 3 Hours
1 CANOE-KAYAK 1 SEAT 28€ max charge 100 kg (220lbs)
1 CANOE-KAYAK 2 SEATS 35€ max charge 230 kg (507lbs)
1 CANOE-KAYAK 3 SEATS 40€ max charge 230 kg (507lbs)
1 CANOE-KAYAK 4 SEATS 40€ max charge 230 kg (507lbs) 2 adults + 2 kids


Go on a discovery of the last two kilometers of the Grand Canyon and enjoy a good time relaxing and swimming. A comfortable time rental that allows you to discover and stroll without rushing.

How it works

Activity without booking only.

Come directly to our spot rental to :

- start activity directly if the stuff is available,

- register on our waiting list if all our kayaks are already sailing.

Once you have the stuff in your possession, take the way of the Grand Canyon, only the two last kilometers are accessible from the lake but the view is so great…       It is a round trip on flat water of 4km need around 1h30 of navigation (round trip).

The end of the trip is materialized by three buoys and two signages on easy view. This limit work for protected the biodiversity of this area. Thank you for your respect.

With 3 hours time rental you will have time to leave the Canyon and to go extra paddleling on the lake spot. Shining, swimming, relaxing and idleness on program... Up to you.

All the stuff have to be returned on starting place when your time is up. 

To view map of sailing area Click HERE


1. The Canoe(s)-Kayak(s) provided with check-in.

2. One safety jacket per person (which must be worn)

3. One paddle per person (double or single depending on your preference)

4. A barrel to transport your water-sensitive stuff (capacity 42 liters)

5. You will discover fragile and protected natural area, together let's admire her with respect.

6. Way to car park  Click HERE

Good to know

-View the different kind of Canoes-Kayaks Click HERE

-One ID card is mandatory as a deposit during the activity (only one)

-The trip is round one, without any guide or shuttle.

-The sunshine in the Canyon stay until mid-afternoon (best light on the morning).

-In high season (July 14 to August 30) the Canyon is overcrowded (early boarding recommended)

-Several hours of waiting are sometimes necessary to get the stuff our capacity of boarding is limited.

-A bottle of water per person, a bath towel and water slipper are highly recommended.

-For the  3h and 4h time rental you can bring quick lunch if you wish, you will have time to enjoy it.

-To know our periods and hours of opening/closing and kind of payment agree Click HERE

Meeting place

Verdon Canoe, Plage du Galetas, RD957
83630 Aiguines
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